Is it normal that i hate our vending machine the most?

The one thing I hate most about my job is that the vending machine in the break room is always broken. There's 3 machines in there. 1 only has Coca-Cola products, 1 only has snacks, and the last is the good one that has juice, water, coffee, and gatorade. That last one is the one that is broken every week of every month, so I can never get the drink I want. It won't even accept cash.

The job itself is monotonous and doesn't pay well, but the vending machine is what really bothers me.

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  • You could always quit and find a job with machines that work.

    Of course the more logical solution would be to bring your own drinks from home. If you like coffee in the morning get it at a drive-thru. It has the added bonus of not pumping the money you make back into your work place. Then you won't have to worry about that douchey machine.

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  • Use your brain.
    pack a lunch.
    Why pay inflated rates for the same product?
    Take sandwitches, tupperware cassorole, etc, fresh veggies, fruit, yogurt and a non brand soda.
    What you save will amaze you.
    Or, continue to wonder why youre poor and hate your life.

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  • First world problems! Guess what? At my old work which we made pizza, I didn't like the pizza. Did I complain online to random cocksuckers? No! I brought food from home! Damn people are lazy!

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  • Brown paper bag with sandwiches int it

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  • I've got the same types of vending machines at my job. They malfunction often. Sometimes the card readers dont work, it'll sometimes take someone's cash without dispensing the product, or it'll just do this thing where it just accepts certain coins.

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  • What truly sucks is that most companies could let their employees work from home but choose not to because they want to micro manage everything.

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  • Pack yourself some stuff that you like.

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