Is it normal that i hate new year’s eve/day?

I hate it because:

- the calendar year is completely arbitrary and human made. There’s many different “new year’s” celebrated around the world for this very reason. Why should I give a damn about this particular one?
- it forces me to remember that I haven’t accomplished shit this past year, and that I’m one year older and closer to death. Time is running out.
- I get invited to parties but I have a hard time not being a drag because I don’t see what there is to be happy about. It’s just another day to me.
- I don’t like getting wasted or getting high af. I’m already frail and unhealthy as it is, and I don’t even do any of that stuff.
- Everyone with a partner kisses each other but I don’t have one and never have.
- My parents force me to be happy and smile for videos and pictures and I don’t want to.
- It happens late at night when I’m sleepy and want to sleep.

I know I sound like a Debbie Downer but I just can’t comprehend this holiday. I like Christmas and Easter and stuff but New Year’s just seems like another day to me.

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  • It upsets me that we say that it’s now 2019 when the year might identify as 2060 or something.

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  • It’s normal to have preferences on things,yes, to have a favorite holiday and a least favorite, not uncommon.

    To be the devils advocate for New Year’s Day

    —-Although the calander IS completely arbitrary, the earthlings have decided to pick this day for the ceremony of the new year, so when viewed in that light you can still enjoy it. Many things in life are arbitrary and we still enjoy them or don’t let it ruin the feeling.

    —-Forcing you to remember you haven’t done shit this year is all relitive to how you look at it. Just as the child who grows up with a drunk father can use that as a reason to drink. He can can also use it as a lesson to not drink. So in other words, if you use it as inspiration to do better this year and make change then you can allow the past year to not get you down but rather inspire you to get better. Also, all sorts of things in life are reminders of time passing and getting older, every holiday can envoke a sense of nostalgia but with melancholy as it can remind us of early years, that’s just part of life.

    —-while it may be the mainstream to party for new year, there is no rule to how you should bring in your new year. And you shouldn’t let immature people who think you must party bring any weight of their opinion down on you. In fact, you can feel better knowing that you won’t start the new year off hungover and feeling like shit. You could ritualize it to wake up early and go for a new year walk, maybe even do a photo safari while you are out. Their are many ways to greet the new year, while parties may be the popular way, they are indeed sometimes the shallowest ways to kick off a year.

    —- kissing at midnight on NY or really any holiday that involves “lovers” can be a great source of pain for many lonelier people, although I’d encourage you to not let it get you down too much. Being single or in relationship both have pros and cons that the other doesn’t have. As a single person, it can be hard to see the down sides of peoples relationships from the outside , so often single people just see happiness , but you’d be surprised how much sacrifice and things both people have had to give up because they aren’t single. Being single is freedom, it doesn’t get “free’r” than that. We just grow stale to whatever we find ourselves in, married people dream of being single too..but they get stuck . You have the independence that many other people desire. We all just want what we don’t have. Also though you could make the new year a mission to go on dates, don’t get down on your aperence, it’s a numbers game, get the courage to see enough people and face rejection and you’ll no doubt catch a fish eventually, it takes effort though.

    —-New Years does happen at night, but it also happens all day long, you can skip the late night celebration and just use the Jan 1rst as a day to do something special.

    —-people forcing photos is annoying no doubt, their may not be a big bright side to this one lol juss something we all gotta deal with sometimes. However working on better hygiene or general health for the new year could allow to feel more comfortable with your identity and make it to where you might not mind the photos so much.

    All in all , these are just my thoughts. No disputes to you in any way, I totally get the hatred of holidays in general. I certainly feel it from time to time, sometimes a little creativity or bright side thinking really helps me enjoy things more though.

    —you can certainly do these things without participating in any new year celebration whatsoever and just treating it like another day...and that’s okay too. Definitely no reason to subscribe to the holiday if you don’t want to.

    On that note, Happy new year! lol ... honestly though..have a good year man, make it a NEW kind of year 🤜🧠🧨⚖️🕰🔑🔑🔑. - wishing you the best


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  • It's normal, yeah, but you should maybe change your outlook on it. Yeah, it's just another day, but is being annoyed by the entire thing going to help? Sometimes it's better for yourself if you engage in it instead of constantly dreading it. Now I'm not saying go ham and drink or smoke a ton but make an honest attempt to be a little more 'enthusiastic'about it. I know it sounds cheesy but just give it a try

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  • Yes

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  • Basically new year's is just another excuse for companies to raise prices and also think of ways to make their workers' lives more miserable.

    Plus we get bombarded with weight loss commercials and their new products that don't work.

    Why though do people wait til new year's to save money, quit smoking, lose weight, spend more time with family and all those other resolutions that last maybe a week?

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  • Switch to the Chinese calendar if you are so bored with the Gregorian. At least the Chinese one has animals and shit.

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  • I don't hate it but I usually stay home and ignore it until my dog goes beserk with fear when the fireworks go off.

    Unless I can be with a small group of friends that is: if I'm out anywhere there's a big crowd I usually hide in the toilet because I hate being hugged and kissed (and sometimes groped) by complete strangers.

    What I do hate is the huge and obscene waste of public money on fireworks: this year Melbourne's display cost $3.8M (au), which could've been put into public housing to alleviate homelessness.

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    • Last night for new year's my room mate and I were out in the garage working on her car. Anyways a really lpud firework went off at one point and of course the dog comes running in the garage scared to death like the boogey man had finally come to get him.

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