Is it normal that I hate life

One day I believed everything I heard and became obssed with harrasing people. I got punched in the nose and now I only trash talk secretley. I'm 23 and really physically small. I'm insecure about my sexuality and so I make gay 'jokes' and create bi fantasies online. I'm not smart and I lie a lot. I'm afraid i hate life because I fear I may get in trouble again soon.

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  • I'm also on here a lot. So if you see accounts like 'Charli.M' it's me again.

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  • Im not entirely sure what the point of this rambling is but maybe try to do some things to better yourself as a person. Find out why you do the things you don't like gain some insight. Or sit there with your thumb up your ass, but it never gets better until you make it better.

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  • Oh that's nasty

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