Is it normal that I HATE HATE HATE DOGS

I have always hated dogs. Mostly because these pets/animals are treated in ways better than humans/family. I have noone to talk to but I love this man and we live together and split bills plus we have accumulated several together. He convinced me to move in knowing how i feel about animals in the house..he misled me. This ugly irritating useless blue heeler is inside the last couple days because "its too cold"...and i am feeling extremely angry. It has fleas it sheds it pees when excited it jumps on grandchildren it barks at any noise. I came home after working night shift at the hospital to a nasty floor and (no bath in over a year). I am at a loss.

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  • wait what the fuck? the dog hasn't been bathed in a year? first of all that can count as animal abuse, as well as letting the dog run around with fleas that could possibly cause an infection in the dog and kill it. it's also a health risk to you and other people.

    tell your "loving" boyfriend to properly care for his dog or you'll call animal protection to take the dog away and find someone who can actually care for the dog responsibly.

    it's not the dogs fault for stinking or acting up, a dog can't go out to the shops and buy flea treatment. a dog can't operate a bath by itself. a dog is like having a child, you need to look after them.

    i love dogs but i do understand that not everybody likes them. the part where you think their treated better than family is because they ARE family. i don't think you should place your pet above everyone else however, but a pet is apart of the family, that's why people get them.

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  • The man sounds like an idiot. He never should have allowed you in the house to begin with.

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  • Find someone else, because this guy is not only incompatible with you, but he's neglectful of his dog.

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    • P.S.
      I know you want to make this about how much you dislike dogs, but truthfully it's about so much more! It's his responsibility to wash, train and provide proper shelter for his canine companion. That poor dog is dirty, flea invested, untrained and not housebroken, because of your partner's neglect, and such neglect of a dog is pretty much abuse. If he's neglectful of his dog's care then it should be no surprise when he's neglectful of your wishes and feelings.

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  • You can either move out or date someone who doesn't have a dog. Also, tell your boyfriend to give the dog a bath. I get the impression he never tried to train the dog and neglected them to some extent, which explains the dog's behavior.

    Last resort, find a loving family to adopt the dog. If your boyfriend can't take care of it well and since you don't love it, it's better off with another family.

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  • i hate hate hate dogs too, but the worst are hate dogs, I hate hate hate dogs, as opposed to hate hate dogs which I just hate. You feel me dawg?

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  • Dogs are amazing, It's just this one has been neglected.

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  • The answer to you dilema is so bloody obvious. Move out!
    Your boyfriend obviously has no sense of common decency and it seems to me his house is more like a cess pit. Blue Healers are not meant to be house pets. They are born and bred to be working dogs on cattle and sheep stations with miles and miles of open spaces to run around in.
    The blame is not with the dog, it rests entirely on your boyfriend. I, like so many others, love dogs and they should always be looked after and that means bathing them often. They rely on their owners to keep them clean, healthy and happy and my dog is a very happy dog indeed. Your boyfriend is not just ignorant, he is lazy.

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  • I dont want to know the kind of person that neglects their dog. Smfh. His neglect is probably a big part of why you hate the dog. He needs to make some changes. (Meaning taking care of the dog! Baths, fleas, letting him out more often. NOT rehoming the dog!)

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  • I would just move out. It sounds like you are incompatible together. I would never choose a woman over my dog either. If a woman couldn't get along with my dog, she can move out and live on her own.

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