Is it normal that i got all those fears

Okay, So I'm the kind of guys who had a lot of relationships, I knew a lot of girls in my life, first of all, I need to mention that I live in Tunisia. it's not the same as for you(third world nations you know x) ) . I'll try to over explain.
I'm 24 yeas old, when I was 20 I stopped getting to know the girls and focused on studying.I have a lot of other reasons, it's the kind that I was bored with the fact that A FEW who accept you the way you are, it was nice a beautiful the first month max 5 / 6 months, then it turns out to be weird and the side effects get clear and the first kind big fight, we broke up , so, I said to myself focus studying and everything will be okay. this year I'll graduate. I knew this girl for like 3 moths from now, she's unique, different, accept my way im, I'm telling you, she's freaking awesome, I love her so damn much and same for her, in this few 3 months we did a lot of things together, we traveled long, shared our interest's together, watch movies, she never gets bored of me even if we are not doing anything, we did crazy things in the street we played like two kids we didn't give a s*** about anyone, from the first day I knew her,I said now I stopped being "me" from now on it's "we". I'm doing my best to make her happy, I sneak to her high school to surprise her, I give her flower's, to be honest, I never tried this hard, although she loves me, I won't say the things she did to me but yeah she's trying too('not so hard'), any who, the thing is,i start to have worries, with the fights we get, and when we speak, we solve it (but she said I overthink about every single detail and it's making her annoyed), but it's getting more and more, we are frank with each other, honestly. but I feel like I'm overdoing it('tryhard to make her happy'), would this make her change! and I feel like it kinda does. she was really shy. but now she's kinda over confident. I like it, but is it threatens us('not the confident part but that i'm trying so so SO hard')? our relationship! we told each other big secrets about ourselves, and I like it how we are holding each other and motivating EO, anyway, I'm sorry to make this so long, but you need to understand the situation here so you can help me with this worries, it's disturbing me a lot, I'm avoiding talking with her sometimes and I don't like it.('i can't talk with her about this because she will say i'm overthinking again -_- ') what should I do? Again, sorry if I wasn't clear, and sorry for my English. god bless you all!

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  • Everything seemed decent until you said you 'sneak to her high school'. I truly hope this girl is legal. >.>

    Trying hard to make someone happy is thoughtful, but if it stresses you to the point of constantly making you anxious and fearful of fucking up you need to tone it down.

    There's nothing wrong when a partner becomes more confident in his or herself, there's only a problem when they become overconfident and start looking elsewhere for attention (cheating). This is an issue for some people who have unconditional love.

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    • campus, I don't know if I made it clear, I study multimédia, her study another thing so we are not in the same high school, and it's legal to go to her's, but I 'sneak' only to surprise her, and make her happy, and believe me it does, that day when I did it, it made her really happy and she wrote a letter for me

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  • So I didn't read the whole thing lol but I voted yes normal byeeee

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  • yes

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