Is it normal that i get sick on lower hz monitors while gaming

After using 144 hz monitors for gaming on my pc for a couple years now i get physicaly ill and nauseated at anything lower. I see people debating online about people not being able to see the difference between 60 and 144 hz... I play a lot of twitch based games and fast paced fps like overwatch as well. I went into my monitor and switched it to 120 hz..thats a 24 hz difference and even that has me sick to my stomach within a half hour play session. i also use to have issues with feeling that way on 60 always in the past. but since switching to 144 hardly ever. It looks like a slideshow when i see stuff in 60 hz now. Given that i seriously doubt i would not feel/see a difference on a higher refresh rate as well.

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  • it used to happen to me also. you probably spend too much time gaming on your pc. try playing outdoor sports like football or swimming. if you tell more about your pc i would be able to help you better. it is also about maturity after some time you wont give a rat's ass what hz it is. stock brokers and coders who spend way too much time on pc keep hz very low.

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  • No, it's not normal. You're probably a weirdo addicted to the latest gadgets.

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    • You must have misunderstood his post, he's talking about monitors giving him motion sickness. Once you adjust to a higher frame/refresh rate lower ones are hard on the eyes.

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