Is it normal that i get certain urges/desires?

Is it normal for me to get the urge to kill someone? I mean, I've had these urges for awhile.
For instance; One day, I was minding my own business at school. When suddenly I started staring at a random person in the classroom, I don't know why, but I wanted to just leap out of my seat and strangle him to death. But, at the same time, I'm scared of doing it. I don't know who the person is, but I got the thought. But, I also seem to laugh when people die..I feel no remorse, or emotions to it. For (another) example: My grandma just passed away not too long ago, and when we went to the funeral, I had to step outside because I was laughing. I wasn't sad. I literally felt nothing.
I told my therapist about this, and she said I could go insane if I keep up these thoughts. But, how am I going to go insane, when I don't even like harming an animal of any sort?
All of this still happens to me now, so I'm starting to get scared to even leave my room.
Can someone please help me, or give me advice on what I should do?
(Please don't recommend more therapy, or meditation, because those don't help.)

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  • Just important to keep in in your headband control ur body. Do some martial arts or boxing to relieve aggression

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  • I only feel that way if I'm holding a heavy object

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  • I feel the same way every time I see trump on tv.

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  • If it's just a random, fleeting thought then I would say that it's what is called an invasive thought. Listen to your therapist, and do not entertain those thoughts! You need to challenge the thoughts when they pop up, because those thoughts are unhealthy, but not entirely uncommon especially if you already have mental health issues like Obsessive compulsive disorder for instance.

    However, if what you are feeling is a constant, nagging feeling to randomly hurt someone I would say that is not a good thing at all.

    With regard to the recent passing of your grandmother you could have been in denial on some level. We all process grief differently, and denial is actually part of the grieving process especially if the death was a sudden, and unexpected one. Below is a link to more information on the stages of the grieving process.

    Here's an exercise for you to try, when you have thoughts about randomly hurting someone, or laughing about death you can take out your cellphone, or get a sheet of paper, and write down a list of three to five reasons why you shouldn't hurt some random person, or reasons why death is not funny. Basically it is challenging your negative, and invasive thoughts in a nutshell. Try to do it whenever that kind of stuff pops up in your head. Ask your therapist if this exercise can help you next time you see him, or her. Also if you are a religious person like myself you can pray, and ask God to remove the invasive, and negative thoughts whenever those thoughts pop up in your head. A really excellent prayer to say is the Serenity Prayer, also you can say the prayer of St Michael the Archangel. I will leave you a couple of links to those prayers below.

    I wish you all best!

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    • I agree with this post. If they're invasive thoughts, like I suspect, then definitely make sure you mentally tell them no. I also have thoughts like this, but I know it isn't my own self who's thinking like this. In my opinion, its always helped me to think of the invasive thoughts as some backseat driver named Derrick or something grumpily shouting instructions to you that are obviously wrong.

      Also, if you have any friends or family who are on the autism spectrum, you can probably talk to them about these thoughts as well, as they're statistically likely to have the same issues, and have probably already tackled the same questions that you have.

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  • Normal. Just control it and don't do it.

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  • It’s normal to have those thoughts. As long as we don’t give in to the urge, is perfectly okay. This is also linked to getting random urge to kill yourself. Your brain thinks of these things up because of how easy it is. I believe there is a word that perfectly represents this train of thought. I may be wrong with some things but this is what I know. Also, I don’t think anything can’t stop you thinking this way. Just try to ignore it and let yourself it’s normal.

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  • i get this, pretty sure it's normal, if you don't go far enough to actually do it

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