Is it normal that i get addicted to a specific franchise every year or so?

sorry for the wordy title! but yeah this has happened four times since 2012. first stage is not really being into anything,most of the time it's when the current fandom isn't producing any new content or i become bored of it, a brand new and exciting franchise is introduced to me and i become quickly obsessed with it. the first time this happened is when i got into pokemon. i wasn't into anything in particular, and then suddenly my sisters and their friends all started talking about pokemon, trading cards, playing the games, etc. my dad bought me a brand-new 3ds for christmas that year, along with pokemon white. i played through the whole game and i got super obsessed with it. over 3 or 4 years i would continue to be so obsessed with it and no other fandom. then undertale came into the picture... aaand down goes pokemon. again, only the current fandom and no other. only undertale for almost 2 years until i got bored of it.. then i decided, "ya know what? i heard that stevie universe show is good." undertale is now dead news, steven universe is the new hype(though undertale hype had already sort of faded by then). though steven universe was fun for when the episodes DID air, there were the huge hiatuses in between each episode. while i haven't lost interest in the show just yet(though i most definitely will soon after the last two episodes of the show air on saturday, rip), i decided then that i was free to go look for another fandom. my sister was on ifunny(i know) and she was seeing a bunch of jojo memes and decided, "ya know, if all these people are making funney meemees about this jojo show, surely it can't be that bad!" and now here we are, me currently obsessed with jojo, and rn im literally listening to the second anthology album(the third is my favorite C:). whenever i tell mon amies about this, they never really have a reaction and just shrug it off. is this normal?

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  • I personally find my extreme interest in things happens to reach its expiration point at around 2 to 3 years. Then I move on to another thing.

    Sometimes it's a new band, sometimes it's a new series or animation or book. Yeah, it's normal.

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