Is it normal that I flinch at most anything moving

Sorry for the long-ness but I'd like to be as clear as possible.

Okay, ever since I was 13-ish I suddenly got really nervous and stuff. At first it was just me flinching at normal stuff but now, six years later, it's escalated to things as simple as someone walking behind me. Nobody, not even my own mother, can touch my neck, sides, back, arms, upper legs or head without me either flinching or tensing up and swinging to defend myself. It's uncontrollable. I think I'm going to get hurt. I've hit my mom three times because of this, and I don't even mean to. The only thing that I think could've started this is when my mother and I got into a fight and she started hitting me really hard. That was the only time I was ever hurt enough for it to stay in my mind. Is this normal, or...?

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  • I'm really ticklish, so I can't stand people being too close, or touching me.

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  • i go through the same thing, but that's just because i'm an abuse survivor. i would recommend seeing a professional if it is an issue in your life.

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  • No, see a doctor. Your body is just afraid, it's a defense mechanism.

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  • Brilliant. Now imagine you're surrounded by foliage with insects creeping and flying about. You'd probably spasm into a coma.

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