Is it normal that i find it difficult to take a break from games?

Somenormie here,

I've been trying to take a break from playing videogames but I can't take a break I really want to a break but I can't do it.

Taking a break feels difficult, I tried every method but it doesn't work for me.

I just want to effectively take a break from it because I want to start something productive that isn't gaming.

I want to start a hobby something that will help me in life.

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  • It's a dopamine thang.

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  • If you really want to take a break, I think it's best to remove the source of the game temporarily. If it's a console, unplug it and put it away in the closet for a few days, or if it's your phone just uninstall the games (you might lose your progress, which I understand sucks). Just a suggestion!

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  • Are you working? My job takes me away from video games. I only have opportunities to play on my breaks and after work. I will admit I sometimes miss playing all day though. Fire Emblem Engage is taking so dang long to finish.

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