Is it normal that i feel so alone?

I just feel like I am too weird for my own good and if I show too much of myself I will just weird everyone out.

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  • My main nigga always says something kinda like this:
    "today you are you
    this is truer than true
    ain't no nigga alive
    who is youer than you"

    He's a doctor so his opinion matters. That's what's up

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  • I spend a lot of time regretting many previous behaviors when most people tell me that I’m funny or fun to be around. I still just think “I could’ve probably stfu”.

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  • Normal.

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  • I understand.

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  • I think we're all weird in our own little weird way. Just be you and don't worry about what others think.

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  • Yeah, happened with me a lot, to the point that now i dont care about anyone, i just love to be alone in my own world.

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