Is it normal that i feel like inanimate objects itch?

Sometimes im just doing my thing untill i feel like something itches and obviously its inanimate so when i scratch the object the itch feeling never goes away.
Like a peice of wood where theres the little patterns that usually feels itchy to me and its so annoying and it makes me so uncomfortable.

I also have diagnosed ADHD if that helps. ive been researching a bit and i think it could be ocd?

To add to that i arrange my kitchen knives in a specific way and if someone changes the order i get mildly upset. I also hoard random things in fear i'll need them,I also have regular non violent intrusive thoughts EX im imagining a boat but my mind makes it sink.I also very rarely have violent intrusive thoughts Ex rippping off my cats fur and these really upset me because i would never do such a thing.

Anyways what do you guys think?

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  • omg. finally someone who gets me, i have this too and i always thought it was normal until i brought it up with some friends. i also have adhd and im on meds for it, but the “itchy” feeling never goes away

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  • Not quite the same, but I've always felt that a lot of inanimate objects have feelings, especially if they look in any way like they have a "face".

    I also like certain things in a specific order and it just bothers me if they're not in that order, and have favorite/lucky numbers for things.

    I think everyone experiences intrusive thoughts, and even occasionally some pretty disturbing ones. I read somewhere long ago that it's the brain's way of testing if you have a healthy reaction to it, so I think being upset by it means you're normal.

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  • autism

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  • Are you on the spectrum?

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  • Oh my goodness someone else has this too! It's like an itch or sensation outside your body that you have to touch or scratch. My thing is making sure if I touch one corner of something I have to touch all the other corners.

    I also have ADHD. Maybe it is a type of OCD but I don't know as much about that disorder.

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