Is it normal that i feel awful about turning 24?

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but im really bummed out about turning 24 today.

My situation is likely not helping how i feel. I'm disabled (and i have a shopping list of conditions, including almost daily tonic-clonic seizures).

im on disability pay because I'm not fit to work, I pretty much depend on my parents and sibling, I'm not well enough to keep up with university deadlines so thats really not an option for me, i don't have any real life friends because i can rarely go out anywhere, im single for pretty much the same reason and I really dont see my situation improving anytime soon.

I literally feel like im a quarter of the way though my life and I'm wasting it and there is no way out. Is this normal??

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  • If it makes you feel any better, when I was your age I was in federal prison

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  • I'm in my 30s I got sick at 24, I felt the same way every year

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  • I’m 33 now, my advice: Stay Sober. When I was in my 20s: I thought since 21 was legal to drink: I should just party and get hammered all day. Eventually, people did confront me and say I was overdoing it and should focus on my career and job and not alcohol. But I’m 33 now and have a steady full time job supporting me now.

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  • “I know this probably sounds ridiculous”

    Stopped reading.

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  • I feel for you, especially as Long-Covid had essentially left me disabled with limited abilities compared to what I could do before. I can no longer work even a regular part time job. Some days about all I do is exist. Other days I have some productive hours. It's the rare day where I have 8 hours of productive time (even just working on the computer).

    Key for me has been focusing on what I can still do. I can still mentor and assist people (and in real life I am currently mentoring a couple who wants to start a business, and a single lady who just wants to improve her life and has not yet figured out what she wants to do with the abilities she now is just starting to realizes that she has).

    So is there something you are good at (even if just playing some games). Can you get into some forum where you can assist other people to play the game better - or at least build internet relationships with other players).

    You need to find something of value (however small) that you can do - that at least some others will appreciate (not everyone will - and there will be people at higher levels than you as well).

    As for education. Reading the right books and articles will give you more than enough education. You may even get to the point of being able to work a "stay at home" job.

    I would start out with the self help and success category of books and forums. I often make book recommendations on this site to people. But, I'm not sure about which country you live in and other factors of your life. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss things in more detail.

    I wish you well with this - and a successful future...

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  • Happy Birthday!

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  • Yes

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  • No.

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