Is it normal that i drink a glass of milk alongside with my cereal

Every time I have cereal(with milk not dry), I drink a glass of milk alongside it and my friend thinks I’m wierd because of it.

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  • Have you ever seen someone wear a hat on top of another hat?

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  • I would if I could but milk sends me to the toilet in less than 10 minutes. A glass of milk is worth it with pancakes or a pb&j nonetheless.

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  • lol it's normal, I can drink a gallon of milk in like 2 days and so can everyone else in my family. You're getting calcium it's fine

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  • Personally I tend to drink a glass of chocolate milk alongside my cereal. It's not much different I suppose.

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  • My family, and I, especially my dad, really LOVE milk! It truly surprised me when I was young, and discovered that most people didn't always have three, four gallons on milk in their fridge at any given time.

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    • When I was 16 someone in my history class was selling milk and cookies and had done terribly so I bought a glass of milk off her at the end of the lesson and my friends in the cafeteria were confused not just that I randomly had milk but that I enjoyed it as a drink. That was the dark day I learned that many people hate milk.

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