Is it normal that i don't want to go to heaven?

Thinking of eternal life horrified me. Everyone says Heaven is a place for perfect life and endless happiness. I don't get the balance in it. Does life still have meaning when everything is so perfect? They sing hymns, live lives without worries, happily laugh, eat and drink wine with God, while turning a blind eye to people who suffer in hell. When I die, I don't want to undergo such self-centered happiness. I'd rather contribute to humanity by giving moral assistance to people who suffer in hell, because they are also humans like us. I think they still deserve happiness no matter what they have done. But maybe God won't support this idea, right?

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  • if its a buncha pat boone & jimmy swaggart jesus freaks listenin to harp music & actin wholesome then its already hell

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  • I do and I don't (want to go to Heaven). I am very Religious but even I am scared of Heaven myself. Im unsure of whats up there. But all I know is it's good. I can see my family members, see great people, and talk to the creator.

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  • I always think about it in a weird way. When you go to heaven will you even care anymore? Will you care about being bored to other stuff? Obviously you wouldn't want to be in a place where you're TORTURED for an eternity but you wouldn't want to be bored either. You'll just never know what it's like until you get there.

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  • I wont mind turning a blind eye to someone like hitler in hell

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  • The way I was taught, heaven is anything you want it to be. If you want to devote your time to helping those who cant help themselves, then that's what itll be. If you want to spend eternity creating art and eating fine cheeses then so be it. Ya know?

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  • Well, if there is heaven and hell and you don't end up in heaven, then you will in hell.

    Heaven is a place of possibilities.
    Hell is a place of none.

    Which do you prefer?

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  • Crossing fingers for some matrix reincarnation. Eternal life with no ups and downs seem boring. God as omniscient as he is must be quite bored.

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