Is it normal that i don't miss people?

I just think i don't actually miss people that much??? And i am not talking about not missing relatives or classmates or stuff like that, i am talking about close family and bestfriends.

I don't know how to explain it but, basically, i do love them, i love them all a lot, they mean a lot to me and i am cool with meeting with them and hanging out and all that stuff but when we take some time apart i don't really miss them ?

Like for example, there is this girl in my friend group, we had been bestfriends since we were eight years old and, lately, we haven't heard much of her bc she spends most of her time with new friends and also her boyfriend.
My other bestfriend (the three of us have been best friends since forever) literally cried multiple times bc she misses her since she doesn't see her that often now. And like i get it but i don't??? Because i get that u wanna hang out with her cause she is your friend and u are friends for a reason but like if we go 4 months without talking with e/o i don't care that much. As long as we still good when we come back.

That's when i thought that maybe my reaction isn't that normal??

When i am on my own doing my own stuff i barely think about other people, let alone miss them. I can be like "oh it's been a long time, I'm gonna tell em to hang out" when i remember them. But it's bc i like them and it's been some time, not bc i miss them. Like if they said "nah i can't rn" i wouldn't b sad i would be like "okay" and move on.

Same thing with my family, i live away from home now i only come on weekends but i literally don't speak to my family at all during the week. Not even a message. I just don't miss em dude.

Is it weird?

sorry this was too long lmao

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