Is it normal that i don't get tingles?

Is it normal that I don't tingles at all from asmr?

I really want too but can't.

For example:
Ive watched the binaural sounds.. Nothing
I prefer scalp parting, but I can't find a video to satisfy me.
So then I do massages, nothing.
Role play like make up, doctor check up, blahx3.. nothing.

I find myself just watching it when I'm already sleepy and just end up going to sleep because I'm already tired.

I just don't get a 'satisfying satisfaction' from it.

Help!! Is this normal?!

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  • I’ve read up on this a little bit and it just something your born with. I don’t get tingly either.

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  • Ive had something very similar but it was never brought on manually, it just happens now and then

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  • I don’t get it either. You can really go down a rabbit hole with those videos, here’s a weird one I keep getting recommended:

    I can’t tell if people are getting aroused by it or just like pretending they’re feral.

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