Is it normal that i don’t get normal cramps or a period

So I rarely get my period, my body procrastinates a lot.

So when I do get my irregular cycle. I rarely get cramps, mainly migraines the day before or the day of the cycle. Then I MIGHT get muscle spasms or aches in my upper arms and lower part of my legs. And like similar to a cold and flu body ache. Nothing around my pelvis.

Sometimes I lose my appetite and don’t get cravings. And I bleed moderately the first day, and light the other 2 days. I usually get a 2-3 day period, 4 if it’s really late (40+ days late)

My aches are mild, but sometimes when they get moderate I drink Kaffee to help relieve, and it works. I also gain a lot of weight, water weight. Sometimes 2-8 pounds even without snacking. I don’t have any medical conditions that I know of. But is this normal for women ?

I do not take birth control and by religion and so far what’s been happening lately with woman who take it, I don’t use it. That and because I’m celibate and don’t plan on needing it else wise. I just want to know if I should see a doctor or not. I’m waiting until my puberty finishes before anything drastic (it was very delayed)

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  • I’d see a doctor that doesn’t sound good and could be something serious behind it. I take birth controll because it regulates periods. Even on it I’m not normal but it’s somwhat a help. I’d always be late but never like you and now I start same day every pack it’s nice to have a sense of starting.

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  • See your doctor.

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  • I'm thinking the two are not necessarily together. You likely have health problems separate from menstruating. But it is possible it's showing itself with, your period. Have you seen an obgyn and a general practitioner? I think you should see both.

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    • I’ve seen a general one. But they’ve done many tests and everyone says I’m perfectly healthy. I have a lot of symptoms and issues besides the cycle but they say everything is fine. (I’ve been to 8 doctors). My mother says it’s just an imbalance

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