Is it normal that i don’t care for cake or much sweets like i used to?

I mean I still like sweets (not all of them), but I’m not crazy over it anymore. As a child I liked cake and was crazy about it, but as I got older, I started to care less about it. Hell I didn’t even have a piece of cake during my cousin’s celebration and didn’t take the whole cake for mine.
I know y’all would be like, “Yeah so what?”
Is that part of getting older or just taste buds changing.

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  • When I started eating real food and not junk food or sugary stuff I didn't really crave it anymore after a while and I can hardly tolerate extremely sweet foods normally.

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  • I still like them, but after loosing half my teeth to decay, I can tell you they’re not good for you.

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  • When I was a child I would buy sweets and cakes and loved Jam donuts. I also, had three teaspoons of sugar in my tea. I didn't live on sweet things and had a good home diet. However, once I started work at a bakery, in my late teens, I saw cakes and donuts all day. As a result my sweet tooth diminished, I even stopped having sugar in my tea.

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  • Can't relate.

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  • It's funny, cause I used to loathe sweet food when I was a kid, but now that I'm older, I find them a lot more tolerable and enjoy them a lot more

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