Is it normal that i cant stop thinking about skating?

i dream about it at night, day dream at work,
then i skate
and its the same every day

sometimes i feel i bore people, cuz since its so much in my head, i talk about it a lot

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  • ice? roller? rollerblade? fishin for rays?

    speedskatin? skatin down the street? urban transport method? roller derby? ice hockey? ball hockey?

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    • skateboarding, man

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  • Normal.

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  • Its normal but the older you get you're gonna have to start drinking and doing drugs. If you're strung out and unemployed people will give you a pass but if you're a sober person with a job in your 30s still hanging out at the skate park people might think you're a weirdo or something.

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    • im already fully grown, i work and all ^___^
      quite a few of my friends @ at the skatepark are in their 30s haha

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