Is it normal that i can't tell what's the middle or what's straight?

I can't make straight lines even with a ruler, I can't stay up straight, as I have a slight tilt, I can't tell of the middle of things, and I can't tell if something is the same size. Is this normal? What is it called?

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  • Not even with a ruler? That's very odd.

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  • It sounds to me like an uncommon neurological condition related to visual perception, but since I'm not a neurologist, I have no idea what it might be called.

    If this is having an impact on your life, I suggest seeing a doctor.

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  • Inner ear infection?

    Just a wild stab in the dark.

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  • Could be some accident you had as a kid, could be the genetic lottery. We all have our crosses to bear.

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  • Its called drinking too much....

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    • i hate the smell of alcohol. try again

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