Is it normal that i can't stand velcro

Ok, so here's the thing.
I have always hated velcro. I hate the feeling of it, I hate the sound of it when you pull it apart. I just hate everything about it. Every time I have to pull velcro apart, or even just hear the noise, I have an actual full body cringe attack. Even thinking about the sound right now is making me extremely uneasy.
It's to the point where I actively avoid buying anything with velcro on it, and I had to cut the velcro off of my viola case because I couldn't stand opening and closing it.
I always assumed that velcro was just a thing that nobody liked, but then when I told someone about it, they thought I was crazy.
Come to find out, I can't find ANYBODY else who shares my hatred for this appalling piece of textile!
Does anyone out there hate velcro as much as I do?

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