Is it normal that i can't fall asleep with a world map in my room?

This started when I was really little when my mom first told me that Santa lives in Finland and that he can just look through a world map to see how good I'm behaving. That particular story didn't creep me out too much but a few years later, my older brother started telling me that all sorts of stalkers and perverts can see you through the map. I denied that being true and forgot all about it until I had a dream one night that a faceless girl crumbled out of Scandinavia and started whispering to me to play with her, I didn't remember what happened after that. However, I woke the next morning finding LONG SCRATCHES DOWN MY ARMS and the ENTIRE Scandinavian peninsula torn out of my world map!
I was unable to sleep in that room for weeks after that and tried talking to a therapist, none of that worked, and right now I am almost too frightened to think anymore.
I am not trolling about any of this, IIN?? Please reply soon because I am getting extremely terrified about this.

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