Is it normal that i can't express emotion?

As long as I can remember, I've had trouble talking to people. It goes further than just shyness though; I have trouble expressing any emotion whatsoever. I am constantly forcing myself to laugh, smile, look sad, etc. But am never able to genuinely express any of this on my own. Basically, I do feel things, but unless I'm physically forcing myself to act, I look like a blank slate. I've never been diagnosed with any sort of mental condition that might explain this. Any advice?

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  • I have that exact same problem. For me it started because of my social anxiety, I feared so much being judged about expressing myself in the slightest way so I stopped expressing emotion too. I wouldn't try to force it or fake it though, I started doing that and now I can't stop putting on the same faked cheerful tone of voice and forced smile in every situation. Like literally people have talked to me about someone who's died recently and I automatically smiled and replied in that cheerful tone. You need to just work on reducing your social anxiety instead and then expressing your emotions will eventually come naturally after that. You could try going to your doctor and telling them about it. Or I could email you a book I got from a social anxiety support group if you want.

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  • This doesn't seem too out of the norm. Not everyone is great about expressing feelings. I mean, I've faced similar things when I hear jokes, even good ones, but I can only muster a single short chuckle. Do you feel there's an expectation for you to react a certain way? If so, maybe it's that expectation that limits the way you express yourself. It might be worthwhile to talk about this with someone more professionally inclined, and maybe see if they find something that another person didn't.

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  • I have one of those faces where I look unhappy all the time, but...

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