Is it normal that i can recognize the scent of my mother's urine?

When I walk in to the restroom, I can almost immediately tell that my mother was the last one in, via the scent of her urine.

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  • YUCK

    Maybe if she had diabetes or some kidney problem it could give off a different smell to others.

    Yuck, she must have something wrong! No one I know leaves a sent after pissing! Sure after a shit yea but not piss

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  • Its weirder to share that than anything

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  • Sounds like a case of AIDS.

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  • I feel like you're hoping one of us will be like, "Yes, cause you're sexually attracted to your mom... uhhehehe."

    No. We're animals. I know my mom's scent, dad's, boyfriend's, basically anyone I lived with for a few years or more. It's not just limited to smell, we also can subconsciously pick up on voice patterns too. We're animals man, this shouldn't be new to you.

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