Is it normal that i can just rub my skin off in little tubes?

I'm not entirely sure whether this better qualifies as health or hygiene, cause apparently my family's term for the phenomena is too unique for google to understand what I'm looking for.
If I press and rub my hands together with enough degree of friction that they actually resist for a second, after a few seconds of rubbing these white/grey tubes start to appear. My family calls them "skin snakes" but it seems that's not a common term. I've always assumed that it's dead skin combined with whatever dirt and oil is also there. Once they form, the snakes are basically like tiny gross bits of playdoh that can be squished and squashed and rolled into logs (I don't, it's gross. I'm just describing its qualities). It's easiest to make the snakes from my hands, but with a bit of friction they can be made pretty much any part of my skin that's mostly hairless (inner bicep, chest, leg, etc.).
My main concern (aside from not knowing the correct term for it) is that I have no idea if this is a skin condition, poor hygiene, or just something everyone's body does but no one talks about. So is it a normal thing that everyone's bodies do?

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  • Sounds normal. May be a layer o dead skin.

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  • It's normal, anyone can do this. When I was a kid people used that to make fake hair where they pretend to give you a haircut with fake scissors then rub their hands together and show you the long skinny grime chunks and say here's your hair. It always grossed me out

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  • I used to get that after showering or bathing. I'm not sure what stopped it, but I suppose it could be hygiene related.

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  • its a normal thing and from what i know its probably bcs ur dirty. i can do this on my legs, arms and stomach on in a week

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  • I can do this on my feet and stomach after a shower but not to the extent that you can.

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