Is it normal that i can easily slip myself into daydreaming?

When u get distracted, for example in class or a meeting or whatever, your mind starts wondering around and thinking about other stuff, whatever it might be. Real life stuff like what am i gonna have for dinner, or fake scenarios with your crush or whatever. It's normal i have no doubt in that.
However, i have noticed that i can easily slip myself into a day dream.
Like i will be in class and it's boring and stuff, i will be like "okay let's daydream" and i just start writing stories in my head. It's not like i get distracted (i do get distracted tho but i am not talking about those cases) is just that i """force""" myself into fantasy just for fun i guess. And i am not talking about idk what am i gonna do tomorrow and my mind wanders, i am talking about full on blast movie scenes playing in front of my eyes.
Sometimes it's difficult to get off them again even when someone (teacher) is calling me. I seem to respond to my friends voices tho, they saved my ass multiple times lmao.

I never do it on dangerous situations but i don't know if everyone can do that. And if it's normal.

Any thoughts?

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  • Maybe think about writing them down in a notebook? Creative writing could potentially lead you somewhere. Even if it didn't, it's not a bad hobby to practice.

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  • Do a Google search on maladaptive daydreaming.

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