Is it normal that i can change my dreams without realising im dreamin

I know lucid dreamers can be aware that they are dreaming and change their dreams but when i dream i don't realise that it is a dream but can still change all my dreams. is this still lucid dreaming or is it something else?

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  • Yes it is normal. Speaking from a lucid dreamer's experience, I can tell you that you are not lucid dreaming as long as you don't realize you are in a dream.
    Again, the lucid dreaming realm not being a science, I can only tell you what the lucid dreaming community said:

    Some consider that lucidity is something you can have at a certain degree. For example, being able to control your dream would be considered a rather high degree, but realizing it would be 100%.

    Personnaly I don't consider lucidity in degrees, I like to think about these type of dreams as conscious dreams, where you take action, and are aware of them, but don't know you're dreaming.

    Then again you say you change all your dreams ? Try to make it lucid next time, you may just be a natural lucid dreamer but you don't know it yet.

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  • Stop "day dreaming" and get on with your work, you fool!

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