Is it normal that i can’t relate to anybody?

My name is Steven and I am 32 years old. I live with my parents at their house. I only have 1 friend. My ex girlfriend broke up with me and she was my only other friend. I suffer from insomnia anxiety and depression issues. I lost my will to do anything. I barely go anywhere as a result. I keep to myself and listen to music or read articles on internet and trying to get back into reading books. I don’t have a job at the moment or any motivation to do anything. Everyday feels hopeless and need some serious help to get my life in order. I am afraid that I’ll be all alone after my parents pass away and then I’ll really have nothing to live for or look forward to. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any advice that may lead to a change in my current situation.

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  • Hi Steven! I'm really glad you are trying to reach out and do something about this frame of mind your stuck in. I deal with a touch of anxiety and depression , but only from time to time. I can only imagine what it must be like to deal with it every day. Have you seen a doctor to see if you may need some medication to re balance things? Or even just some sleeping aids, it's amazing and scary what can happen to us when we go too long without sleep. It really throws the human body out of wack. I'd definitely look into that. Loosing a girlfriend can also be really tough, it will get better. Sometimes we live through the person we are with and if the event comes that we are now without them, we become lost. Unable to figure out what to do on our own. Paving new paths is a hard task. But, it sounds like what your dealing with is hard too, and your not happy with it, so I'd try to push for a new way. As for only having one friend, that's ok. Many friends doesn't mean you'd be happier. We must surround our life with a few great people, don't just look for numbers.

    Now, for the feeling of hopelessness, and loss of will. Did you know that we can actually train our bodies, to feel, and think negitive things? It's sort of like a form of PTSD That we inflict upon ourselves. Just as a person in an abusive relationship would learn to not trust another and be scared when certain trigger situations happen do to what the abuser has done. We will do that too. So thinking going out to an event will be uncomfortable, nerve racking and that you will make a fool of yourself or no one will like you, can become a habitual reaction as soon as the invite comes along. Try doing the opposite of what your feeling for a while and see if you can get those habits to change. Seek group help. Sometimes just learning and hearing that your not the only one that deals with these things can be a huge weight lifted. And don't forget to complement yourself!! If your downing yourself...STOP!! YOUR FRICKEN AWESOME! Why? Because your you. What is that one thing, or couple of things you like about yourself? You like the way your moustache grows in? Tell yourself that the next time you have a negitive thought about yourself. It's sounds crazy, but you just might laugh and be able lift yourself up. Open a door for a lady, pay for someone's coffee, watch the smiles you can bring to another. This life is wonderful, if you decide each moment you will find just one reason why. The meal your mom cooked was the bomb? Thank God you were able to enjoy it! You found a new shirt that you look damn good in? Flaunt that shit! The TV show you watch cracked you up? Laughter is medicine! Find a job, too. Get out there and make you some money then start doing something you like. I don't give a damn if it scares you, if you feel that little jump off excitement when you think of it!! Don't ever get complacent in this life. Don't ever think this is all there is, cause what there is is up to you. Small things first, but start forcing a new path. IT WILL BE GOOD!!

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  • You're an empath

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  • i'm sorta like that, but online gaming keeps me entertained.

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  • Try relating to 'someone', instead of 'somebody', if you are still able to find someone, somewhere.

    Try to form relationships with people who enjoy the same genres of books, articles, and /or music that you enjoy (expand outward from there).
    Don't look specifically for sexual relationships only. If someone comes along, then it happens; if it doesn't, then it doesn't, but at least you will be in the company of friends, and not bodies.

    It is hopeless and impossible to relate to bodies.

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  • Thank you for offering me some advice and I will try to talk more about my problems and work and focus on fixing my issue. I have been to group therapy before but it did not help much. I used to be on medicine before my Medicaid was not renewed. I know it’s easy to say I’ll do the opposite but hopefully someday I will. This helped me a lot that someone reached out and listened to my problems. Thanks again for those kind words.

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