Is it normal that i become incredibly obsessed with people/ books/ movies?

To put it simply, I become incredibly obsessed with things for no obvious reason. Let me give some examples. When I was 12, I came across my first obsession: it was with a TV show. I had watched the series before and thought it was really good but it kind of just stopped there. And then on a road trip I started to rewatch it and became really obsessed. I started off by searching up everything to do with this TV show (watching all the YouTube interviews/ auditions/ anything to do with it really). And then, I started to become so upset that I wasn’t on this TV show, and literally wished I could’ve been a part of it. For a few days it was all I could think about and for some reason it made me really upset/ overwhelmed to think about. And then, it sort of just left and to this day I still occasionally watch episodes but once again I never think anything beyond that it’s a really good series. From there on, I get these obsessions in around 6 month intervals. Some last really long, like one I had with an actor/ movie lasted for a good 5-6 months. Some are only a few days or weeks. And with each one I get a really upset overwhelmed feeling for no good reason, wishing I could go back in time to be with this person or wishing I could be part of this fictional world. Each one comes with the same set of symptoms (wanting to meet that person, thinking about them non stop, googling everything about this thing). At the moment, I’ve got one with a teacher in my school which is just so weird and it literally turns me into a stalker, searching up their Facebook or twitter and thinking about things about them that are just really creepy. I guess I should add that generally I don’t love these people/ characters in a sexual way, just want to be close with them or want to be part of their world... I know this probably makes no sense. Another really odd thing is in between obsessions, I always miss having an obsession but when I get one it tears me apart and seems like the worst thing ever. There’s not a real correlation between the things I become obsessed with, it’s just like my brains picks them up randomly... i know this sounds so weird. I just want to know whether anyone else experiences anything similar??? I have googled this obsession thing and have found some things that partially match what I’m describing but nothing really fully grasps this sensation. I realise this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to people who don’t experience this but I’m hoping that some people who have experienced something similar will understand what I’m talking about.

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