Is it normal that i am so confused by hi sbehavior

So I was kind of taking a break from dating while Im home from school but I still occasionally would go on tinder but not really expect much out of it, cuz duh its tinder. Anyways like two weeks ago I found a guy who seemed pretty chill or whatever and we matched. My general rule is that I have them message me first because honestly have lost patience for putting myself out there for no reason. Well this guy messaged first and said "I just wanted to say you're really beautiful. Id love to get to know you better". Which i thought was nice and relatively polite in terms of opening lines so I responded saying in short thanks and okay. He doesn't respond until a week and a half later at which point id forgotten about him and the line and says " How are you still available its not adding up?" which i thought was flattering and expressed some relative interest so I made some flirty self deprecating joke back about how my bio shows how much of a weirdo i am. He then responded quickly and said "well i found it enticing. We should get coffee sometime". And I appreciated how forward he was and he seemed pretty interested in me. So i said yes Id like that. And now its been four days and he's not responded. Of all the times Ive been ghosted Ive never been asked out first before it happened. So I am just confused as to why this happened? Was it all just empty flirting until he found a girl he actually wanted to date?

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  • Too confusing I don’t even know what’s going through the mind of this dude well you never know,there are a million of reasons I could think of maybe he’s busy,doesn’t want to sound too desperate and wants to slow things down,he might even think you’re not that interested and waiting for you to text him first,Id say give it sometime he’ll probably message you again if he’s interested

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  • This is why real life dating works better folks.

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  • Dating/hook up sites are making it more difficult to find anything real. I suggest meeting people face to face and that will abate all this "confusion".

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