Is it normal that i am a teenage boy yet i don't do normal stuff?

I've been questioning myself a lot. I have some insecurities because I am ignorant at stuffs that most normal boys at my age know. As an 18 year old, I have never learned how to play basketball. I don't know how to play instruments. I have a little knowledge in cooking. And I am really hesitant to try public transportation at faraway places. I don't even know how to drive dammit! And I want to be reliable just like my brother and my dad. I want to be called to when someone has problem with the roof, faucet leaks, and etc. What should I do? This is very serious.

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  • Learn to cook. Easy recipes at first. It's fun. Everyone loves someone that can cook, family, friends and especially a lover. Who can resist a good home made meal.
    Use public transport to get the goodies for your recipies which will increase your confidence.
    If you want to improve your diy skills, borrow books from your library and use you tube. There may be diy courses running at your local school/college.

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  • Since you know all this, why don't you try learning? It's never too late to learn...right? Take some initiative!

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  • First of all you no longer a "boy". At 18 you are now a young "man". So join the army or navy. Trump could use you. He's about to kick some ass. If you die, you die. I joined up at 17. Either way you need to stop whining like a pathetic loser. OK?

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