Is it normal that i always feel like looking at people's legs?

I'm not quite sure if it's because of how young I am (21 years old) or whatever, but I have quite the leg/thigh/calves fetish. And I live in a hot environment, Florida, so it does not help. Almost everyday I have to fight to keep myself looking upwards or else I might catch myself staring at some poor stranger's legs.

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  • I check out people's legs alot too ut that is partially because I cycle and I admire strong legs. But also partially because i like thighs.

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  • Fetishes are normal but staring is rude. Learn to appreciate people's bodies discreetly.

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  • I have manny pacquiao calves. When I'm at the gym ppl ask me "how do you get your calves like that" but I was just born with them. I dont do calve workouts I just jog and they grow.

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