Is it normal that i’m afraid of dogs that run up to me?

I live in an apartment building with small hallways and a lot of people have dogs. When I am walking down the hallways, there are times that people will open their doors and their dogs will run out unleashed and start barking, or if I’m just waking, they will run at me while they are on their leashes. There was one time that a dog growled at me and chased me so I carry pepper spray now. Is it normal for me to be afraid in these situations? Or am I overreacting?

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  • It doesn't matter what it is--dog, cat, spider, person, vehicle--you're going to be afraid of anything that unexpectedly rushes you

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    • I smile when I'm sneaking
      Through shadows by the wall
      I laugh when I'm creeping
      But you won't hear me at all.

      Is that better 😉

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  • Normal reaction to untrained dogs chasing you, those owners should be ashamed.

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  • Just keep some cheap biscuits with you and feed it to them. They will stop barking and become your friends.

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  • Yeah, it's normal to be scared.

    Whenever I've seen a big dog attack a group, they never go for the strongest looking people. They always go for the smallest or scrawniest person in that group.

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  • I LOVE mice! 🐁🌹💓

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  • Damn near shot my neighbors dog a while back for running up on my family.

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  • Hell yeah its normal if I see a fucking pitbull running up to me I'm climbing a fucking tree.

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