Is it normal that children with adhd is treated better than other kids?

Okay okay i know..children with ADHD is supposed to be treated like normal kids but just a little.. i dont know. It was this kid that has ADHD that skips class and one time when me and my friend were gonna go to a copy machine and get some pictures and there is a room that is led by a specific teacher and this kid and this teacher, did not do math in the classroom but in that room. And just when we were gonna get the photos we heard a candy bag open and: Teacher: Here is the candy i promised you'll get. Kid:mm candy! And we didnt open the door because the door was locked and.. well its actually not allowed to sneak candy in the school. So me and my friend looked at each other and walked away and talked about whats just happend. Then it was these times when he just gets winded up at someone and starts choking them, punches them, and pushes them down to the ground. Aaaaaaaand when he skips class noone really cares. They just let him do his thing. And one time when we all played kahoot about the middle ages that was boring as all hell and the kid was in a room behind the classroom and seriously playing roblox with his teacher! This list can go on forever! He walked to the libray before everyone, he gets to choose what kahoot we are gonna play and he has the opportunity to draw during math too. The list is so long. Well.. is it normal?

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  • Why are jealous about ROBLOX...? It's.... R-O-B-L-O-X!

    Anyways, every student moves at their own pace but this method of coddling should not be condoned. At the end of the day, who's gonna become the stuffed uneducated bum?

    Education is a blessing, not a sin. You shouldn't be seemingly envious of laziness. Let him stuff himself he doesn't concern anyone.

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  • They should be treated differently but this kid is way to much. Teachers suppose to pay more attention and temper on him. I can accept he skip class even not study and play in the other room. But I can't bear that he can choke and punch people, he has not right to bully people without any pay just because ADHD.

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  • No, they shouldn't be treated this differently than the other kids. This is too much special treatment.

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