Is it normal that all of my dreams are nightmares?

I only have nightmares. Ever since I started remembering my dreams they have been awful. Worse than awful most of the time actually. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I often wonder which came first the depression or the nightmares?

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  • I'm not sure if thats normal or not because lots of people have the same problem but lots of people don't...

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  • You are not dealing problems in your daily life. So then order for your brain to deal with it. The energy is transferred into bad dreams.

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  • Heavy eating before going to sleep can also cause nightmares.

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  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety are often nightmares. This makes sense because dreams are the brains way of sorting information so your brain must regularly be sorting out anxious and/or depressive thoughts. If it is becoming an issue feel free to speak to a doctor and then get further help. Although it may seem alarming it can be quite common with the disorders you mentioned.

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