Is it normal that a fantasize about my once upon a time school teacher.

I had this really beautiful 10th grade English teacher when i was in school. After i passed out of school and college and started working i still kept in touch with her. Its been many years now and i still fantasize about sleeping with her like i did in school, even though she is 12 years older. I have never conveyed my true feelings to her as im afraid that it might ruin our relationship. She is single and so am I. What do I do?

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  • If she's not showing you any signs of romantic interest, you do nothing. She's 12 years older, plus she knew you when you were a literal child. If she gets with you, others would accuse her of being a groomer and it might endanger her job opportunities. That's not a nice thing to do to someone who is your friend.

    If she's actively flirting with you and she keeps hinting at something... Then I don't know. Go for it, man. You're both adults. Just be clear about what you want out of this. If all you're looking for is sex, then make that clear. Don't act like you want some long relationship if that's not what you want. Have fun man.

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  • I liked my young doctor she was hot she me take my clothes off grab my penis to look at it she would freak out if it started to get hard on ..

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  • I don't think our fantasies ever change so I'm not surprised you still think about her. I went back and had a few sessions with the teacher who first caned me.

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  • I think if you are adults now and you feel you are comfortable with sharing your feelings with her then go ahead. You may ruin the friendship you share with her so consider it carefully.
    I think it's normal to have fantasies over teachers. I too have had fantasies over teachers. All the best.

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  • I wish I was that teacher

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