Is it normal/okay to crave blood?

I KNOW this probably sounds weird to alot of people, but I genuinely enjoy the taste of my blood/past partners (consensual of course). I guess I would like some other opinions on if you personally think this is okay, thankyou.
There is a whole community online of couples and people in general that do this, but I'd like to hear an outside point of view too.

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  • I didn’t vote bc I think it’s ok but it’s definitely not normal.

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    • That's what I believe aswell.
      -post creator

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  • Sounds kinda hot. I fantasise about a guy slitting my throat as he fucks me and all my blood spurts out all over him and goes in his mouth.

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  • not sure if thats normal? I would be careful with STD's and stuff if your using other's blood and you should check on its implications on your health. don't let it get so extreme that either of you are harming yourself or putting your selves at danger (you and your partner)

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  • Whenever I accidentally cut a finger with a kitchen knife, I love to suck my blood out of the cut before applying Elastoplast.

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  • No comment

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  • HEATHEN! Come forth into the light and face my crucifix! I shall purge the demon within you!

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  • To me, it makes sense. Blood is kind of sexy. I don't know why. But it's a thing people fantasize about. I don't know if that's an okay thing, though.

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  • This sounds weird.

    But we've gone through the phases of craving our own blood.

    Don't you think that's a bit weird yourself?

    Others may think that this isn't normal.

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