Is it normal not to trust people

Ok, I'm a sweet person and Im always the person that comforts people when they come to me crying and they vent on me. I know secrets of most of the people around me and I don't tell anyone. In other words, I'm considered trustworthy by 90% of the people I know.

But when it comes to me trusting people,its impossible. I can't trust my parents,siblings,any relative or my friends. I can't vent on anyone so I just supress my feelings and it makes me sick. I always lie to people and give them wrong info about me. Like everyone thinks I want to be a lawyer but really I don't want to use most of my life studying and I really want to be a policewoman or a businesswoman.
I don't think I can even trust a therapist and I feel very open when I speak to people I don't know rather than those I know.

Do you think I'm normal or not?

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  • That's good. People should earn your trust.

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  • I'm not a fan of absolutely trusting other people from the get go. I think there's a certain modicum of trust, and respect that one gives most people, and that little bit of trust, and respect will grow, or shrink depending upon how a person conducts himself, or herself.

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  • Yes

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  • You have......
    Trust issues Trust issues Trust issues that's what you haveee.
    dont worry samee

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