Is it normal not to miss sports

have not missed the sports being on TV as there always seemed to be so many on every channel, and now don't really miss them.

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  • I miss moto gp and world superbikes

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  • Well I’m Australian and I miss Aussie Rules Football more than anything. But we have like, 100 years of televised Aussie Rules, (the sport being much older) a lot of which you can access through various means, so I’m just adapting, watching other games which don’t feature my team from awhile back, where I don’t remember the result. I just love the sport.

    I was watching one highlights package, where it was all the most memorable moments from the last 20 years that were played at one particular stadium, and the crowd was roaring, and god it made me emotional seeing all those people crowded in there together, enraptured and watching this great spectacle that is uniquely Australian. I don’t express patriotism often nor feel it, we are very flawed as a country in a lot of respects. But it was good to feel like that, if just for a moment

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  • I miss boxing and MMA

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  • Bunch of fags fighting over a ball. I don't miss it.

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  • I've never been fascinated by watching a bunch of overpaid men with enormous egos chasing some variety of ball around.

    It's about as entertaining as watching a goldfish swim back and forth in a tank or watching a dog chase down a thrown ball again and an again and again.

    I used to believe that American football was the worst spectator sport, with so much faffing around between every little burst of action, but I decided a while back that even that isn't quite as bad as cricket.

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  • NFL is about the only sport I pay attention to. Hopefully this crap is done by the time that kicks off.

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  • Sure it is. Why would you miss something you're not into? I miss them, but nothing I can do about it. Que será será.

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  • i really git annoyed when games run long & preempt somethin else i wanna watch

    especially basketball when theres like 3 minutes on the clock that means theyre finally goin off the air in 45 minutes

    i do miss the mlb though

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