Is it normal not to be hired over the age of 55?

Being a hard worker all my life hasn’t helped much since I turned 55. I’m now 59 and cannot find decent employment. I have been searching for 3 years with no success. Is it normal?
(I’d retire if I could)

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  • What industry? Unfortunately, some fields like tech usually do show greater preference toward hiring younger people. Also, do you plan on retiring at 65? I know a lot of employers can be discouraged to hire someone if they feel the person's not going to stay on for a long time. Granted, 6 years would be something most employers would be happy with I think

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  • I dunno, but I'm curious about this one.

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  • Oh yes. There's not supposed to be age descrimination but there sure is. For 1 thing they don't want to pay the salary you expect with your experience and the other thing is that if they offer group health insurance their premiums will go up if you have chronic health problems which most of us who are getting older do.

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