Is it normal not liking drawing at home

Well im 17 and also i have a good life and i really like drawing im good at it and i enjoy it more when im in the school cuz people appericiatte(spelling no time to fix it)so uhm again,but if im home no one can appericiate it,i mean it's sad at home no one cares about that thing lololllol i just wanna impress people can you relate me bruh.

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  • If you only make drawings outside of your home just to receive attention from others,you should think more about what you really like to do.Art is not made to receive attention,it's to show your vision of the world, show your true feelings and spread messages that you're likely trying to say, but can't put in words.
    If you want to receive attention, go to a gym, work your ass off to become a bodybuilder and have every single person on the world drooling for enormous muscles.

    And to make it clear: I'm not trying to insult or offend you, but if you're going to show your art outside there, inevitably, your parents are going to see your works, even if they don't care or not.

    It's normal that people don't want to waste their time trying to find a meaning behind a picture or artwork, but at least you should show to your parents that you are dedicated and have perseverance to follow this carrer.They won't apprecciate your art, but most of people apprecciate dedication and hard work, that's for sure.

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  • You can still be enthused at home, thinking about all the people who will see it when you take it out to the world.

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  • Yeh and your mom too

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  • I think you should post less.

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