Is it normal normal to be super close friends with your siblings

Me and my gf have an ongoing dispute on whether or not it's normal to be super close with your sibling. Both of us have siblings that are within 3 years of us.

Definition of superclose: me and my sister will hang out, cuddle(my family has always been big on cuddling), say I love you (as you would to your mom or grandparents), talk about each others crushes and interests, don't beat each other up, hold hands. This is done non-sexually and we've had this relationship since we were little. Is it normal??

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  • i married a wife that was fucking her live in brother behind my back. i felt like the intruder , so i left. if im paying for the pussy , i want to own it. what wrong with being close emotionally with a sibling? thats what supposed to happen.

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  • I'm 25 and I take my mom out shopping or even dinner dates and we hold hands too, we also cuddle up on the couch and watch movies with snacks and blanket, we even call it netflix and chill as our little jokes we have, it's normal for us and many others who are close with their family, just don't do it infront of your girlfriend, it will just agitate her and it's not worth the trouble, but don't let her stop the bond you have with your sister, I have a girlfriend and I don't do that stuff when I'm with her at my moms, it's not worth the argument and my mom thinks so too, however if we watching a movie all together my mom will get the blanket and we'll hold hands under it, to let her know she's my number one and me having a girlfriend will never change us :D

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  • i believe its normal and i think its nice for you to have this relation.

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