Is it normal no one has defended me

Its werid but all the people i've known been with just don't seem to stick up for me whether it be physical or emotional harm even my own family i see them defend themselves but no one ever seems to help me even though i know they'd stick up for a stranger some of the people i feel they never seem to want to help me or care when people are unkind to me it makes me feel unworthy and sad and even thought about to being in a relationship as i feel like this is always the case and it would mean so much to me for someone to do it just to show me someone cares enough for me to do that

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  • That was a run-on. Anyways, It's normal. Most normal people want others to love/like them and defend them in a time of need. You should open up to others and let them know you're feeling this way. you know, feelings and sharing is caring and stuff

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  • you can stand up for yourself

    you can defend yourself :)

    its nice if your family sticks up for you

    but you can stand up for yourself :)

    im sure your family loves you :)

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  • You have to stick up for yourself. I know you feel like no one has your back but no one will be in your casket either. Take it for what it is and take care of yourself.

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  • I'd fuck up anyone who tried to hurt you. Also yeah family weirdly ends up treating each other the worst it's true

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  • Just stop feeling needy.
    If you learn to rely on yourself you will find that it is better when you are in charge and can cope with what life throws at you than having to rely on people who can be very's ok to rely on people sometimes, find strong and loyal individuals and if you can't find any become what you need or lack in your life.

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