Is it normal night time anxiety

Whenever its late i always start to have worse anxiety then normal which usually results in me not sleeping till 5:00am.

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  • I too have anxiety which gets worse at night. I've looked this up before and other people also have it. It's normal. People also have panic attacks in their sleep. I've had it happen before and it's scary.

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  • Depression and anxiety can both become worse if you're tired, and typically people are tired before bed. People are also more likely to have alone time to mull over things later at night. My anxiety acts up late at night and early in the morning sometimes too. It helped me to stick to a regular bedtime and try and put the anxious thoughts out of my mind by reminding myself that it's just nighttime anxiety and I'm tired.

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  • My anxiety does keep me up, and it gets worse at night. I don't understand why, but that's besides the point. I did however, vote not normal because it shouldn't keep you up so late.

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  • Yeah, it's normal. I used to deal with it by getting so drunk I'd pass out, but this is not advisable as a long term solution.

    Try megadosing Vitamin C, that will probably sort you out. Works for me!

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