Is it normal my girlfriend's one piece swimsuit is so revealing?

So I thought one pieces were for modesty, but my girlfriend's reveals about just as much as most bikinis. More butt cheek, more cleavage...yeah.

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  • We need pictures, to properly judge

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  • Your point is...?

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  • Yes it's normal

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  • I agree with the guys above. It's difficult to help if there are no picture.

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  • Without images here we can only guess but, based on what you've said it could be that the size is one too small? Or that it may have shrunk? Womems swimsuits are often extremely revealing (even one-pieces) so it doesn't sound out of the ordinary. Is this your first time seeing her in a one-piece? If you've seen her in others and this one particularly looks revealing then maybe discuss it with her

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