Is it normal my girlfriend didn't want to touch me?

My last girlfriend (I have now been single for a while) and I never actually slept together, but we would fool around a bit. She had no problems with me touching her either above or below the waist, but was very reluctant to do anything to me below the waist at any point in our relationship. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but after we broke up I realised it was a very one-sided relationship physically. I didn't pressure her to do anything and I don't feel like she let me down or anything like that, but I wonder if this was some kind of warning sign of a deeper problem that I failed to spot.

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  • She may be using u only as a sex object. I did the same for a girl where i only laid in bed and made her do all sort of things to me. Never returned the favor and never cared about her. Well i realize now that i treated her like crap and feel utterly disgusted by that and will never do it to anyone else.

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  • I think it could be a red flag of a very selfish, and self obsessed person.

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    • I hadn't really thought about it like that. Looking back on the relationship, that would be consistent with some other things.

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  • It probably wasnt anything you did. Its good that you arent getting too serious with her. It would have caused a miserable marriage if she always did that.

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