Is it normal my boss said i'm lazy when i

I have massive migraines you wouldn't believe the pain. I typically get them around 630am for some reason like clock work. I start work at 8am.

As some may know migraines take a long ass time to go away. You can't just pop a pill and it goes away after an hour. These babies pound away at your head and make you feel like your skull is cracking open.

I still have mine by the time im supposed to leave for work so I call in late often and stay in a dark room eyes closed rocking back and forth like a baby. The pain is bad. Off the charts bad. I can't stand up when I get them.

I gave in a doctor's note and my boss ignored it. Went in today and my boss said they're sick of me coming in 10 mins late. Then they proceeded to call me lazy saying I was using my headache as an excuse and that headaches shouldn't cause me to be late.

Is this normal?

I work in a place where my close friend covers for me when I'm late and she doesn't at all mind. She knows I have had migraines for years in the mornings and that meds haven't really helped.

Normal my boss thinks I'm lazy even though I'm in debilitating pain?

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  • You have to put the shoe on their foot and see their side too. They're running a business. If you cant do the job the way they're paying you to do it they are going to want to get rid of you. It's not their fault you get migraines. They're running a business not a charity. Theyre thinking if you cant be on time and do the job right then perhaps you should find another job.

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