Is it normal man 40 was attracted to me asked me out and

A 40 yr old man asked me out today at work well yesterday now but he started flirting then talked to me for a couple minutes. He asked me out and said can I get your number and we swapped numbers then he said if you're free this weekend I wanna take you out.

He then said "oh I'm sorry I forgot to ask how old are you? I'm 40" I said I'm 32 and his reply was "oh I'm sorry I thought you were younger" I said thanks I get that a lot how old did you think? He said 22 or 23. I said thanks he said I'm sorry but I don't think this was a good idea. I asked what do you mean and his reply?

"I'm not really looking for a girl over 30 I'm sorry" 😐😐

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  • Sounds like a weirdo, you dodged a bullet.

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  • He’s got the moxie I tell ya.

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  • Sounds like a real cozy, mature guy.

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  • It's normal but he's still a creep.

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  • all right all right all right

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  • He's wanting a plaything. I don't know anything about you but, a lot of guys avoid 28 to 38 give or take a few years.

    The reason is baggage, a common assumption is the females in that age group either have it or want it. I know it's not true but there are enough to keep that assumption going.

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  • Most women (*NOT* all women) by the time they're 30, have started to panic that their bodyclock is ticking, and typically want to find a good long-term partner by then.

    A guy looking for a hookup (age is irrelevant here) isn't going to hang around once he decides you're not the kind of woman he wants.

    There's not a lot you can do about that. But that's OK. You sound like you've got a lot less baggage than most women at 32, so finding someone better than him won't prove too much of a stumbling block.

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  • He probably just thinks hes a lot cooler or more attractive than he is, it's not that weird to be attracted to younger women but he definitely has an ego issue.

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