Is it normal i wonder why people are bums

Why are you a bum?
Legitimate question.
Iv'e seen enough bums with cell phones and laptops.
I'm sure there are a few on here.
Where do you get off thinking I bust my rump.
Just to hand you money, for nothing.
I see bums at the stop lights waving signs. asking for free money.
Next stop I see guys waving signs for a business.
The sign wavers, are PAID to do what bums do.
If you bums wanted a job.
Wave a sign, and get paid to do it.
Am I missing something?

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  • You’re missing a moral compass. You have no idea how people got into the situation they’re in. If you don’t want to give them your hard earned dollars, don’t. Move on.

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    • Moral compass.
      yea, I have one. So:
      It's none of my business that they trash public areas?
      Crap in public.
      Start fires in their homeless camps, that end up out of control.
      Steal dogs to use as bait for $.
      Have kids and expose them to the worst forms of human garbage.
      It's none of my business.
      Well, sorry.
      But I care about the kids and pets who never asked for this crap.

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  • lol who cares

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  • The alternative is they kill you for it instead, so enjoy the sign waveys dipshit

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    • Good luck with that.
      Let me guess,,,
      You watched
      " hobo with a chainsaw "
      1 to many times.
      That's hollywood.
      I almost wish they would.
      Because every concealed carry, open carry, cop, or wanna be.
      Would have a free ticket.
      Live fire exercise.
      And the street animals would be well fed.
      You are free to be a bum.
      You are not free to take as you please.

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  • I was homeless when I started my current job, and one of the managers gave this homeless woman pizza. That manager isn't there anymore, but I still give her pizza.

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    • I'm glad you pulled up.
      You prove my point.
      You could have refused to work.
      But you didn't.
      Why do some?

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      • The systems in place make it easy to be taken care if you're willing to put up with shit.

        Shelters will take you in and feed you and give you a bed and a shower two or three times a week. My city also has a few businesses that give out cooked meals and showers throughout the day.

        Really as long as you know who is giving out what, you're fine. If you can handle not staying in one place for too long, not having basic necessities and luxuries, walking everywhere unless you have a free bus pass, going to fast food places to buy a free cup of ice to charge your phone and use the bathroom for two to five hours, basically being helpless with whatever you have from 8pm to 6am.

        There's so much you have to give up, but I think some people are strongly nomadic and to them it might be harder to work the same job 5 days a week. I think some of them think it will be easier and then they have to double down when they realize when you give up responsibility for a life of ease you're gaining a fuck ton of responsibility just to not die. Some have mental problems and forced their way out of family's care. Others because they're financially stalled for whatever reason. Some may actually grow to like it, the routine, the guarantee of what to expect every day. Some are so worn down they'll live in their car until they get whatever check or section 8 from the government.

        It really is shit being homeless though, and I can kind of just look at people and know who is privileged and who's seen some shit. If you've never been homeless, I would just doubt at first that you could fully see the situation some people face, because you can become homeless very easily and that innocence of inexperience can take a while to erode which is why some people try very hard but stay locked out on the street for years.

        I even have the bad tendency when I interact with the homeless to think they're scum, but then I realize, since I've been there, sometimes you just need to go to the store even if you haven't been able to wash up in a few days, or how lonely it is to interact with people at work and hear them talk about friends and family and then every night find an empty parking lot somewhere to sleep to wake up in a puddle of sweat because there is no shaded spot. I've seen people I can tell want to die, want to kill themselves, hate everything about a society that lavishes togetherness but let's them freeze and starve on the daily and still go through with smiles and good conversations for the few minutes they can talk to someone who isn't looking at them in complete disgust.

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        • Well said.
          Guess to each their own.
          Life has kicked me down.
          I CHOOSE to not stay down.
          I'm a survivor.
          Not a victim.
          Wanting to be a nomad is fine.
          But, offer a service.
          Gypsies were not bums.
          Even ' king of the road '
          He swept up for 2 hours, to earn a place to sleep.
          Offer a service.
          Or expect to be ignored.

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  • Not everyone who's homeless is a bum. A bum is someone who's homeless because they refuse to work. Most homeless people are willing to work, they just can't get a job.

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    • Yes, they can.
      I see now hiring signs DAILY.
      Even during the corona.
      Say no job will hire you.
      Offer a service.
      ANYTHING. Just don't ask for free money.
      Have a hustle.
      Wash windows.
      polish shoes.
      pull crab grass.
      Sell blackberrys you picked for free.
      Just DO SOMETHING.

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      • Just because people are hiring doesn't mean they're willing to hire anybody. Most homeless people apply for jobs when they can, but don't get the job. That's what "can't get a job" means. Nobody is willing to hire them. Even if you offer a service, most people aren't going to hire someone who stinks of their own urine. You honestly think that people who live on the streets enjoy it? You think they'd rather sleep in a cardboard box than work? I've seen you claim that you're Christian, but you act more like the pharisees that Christ rebuked than Christ Himself.

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        • Have you read the old testament.
          Or watched jesus travels?
          There is no sympathy for bums.
          The poor yes, in prison, widows, orphans, illegal immigrants, YES.
          But not able bodied men.
          I have every sympathy for people in hard places.
          But my sympathy gos to foreign countrys.
          There is to much opportunity in the U.S. for anyone that is willing to work.
          If Im wrong lets go to the wall and swap 1 for 1.
          Let 1 latino in, give them 1 of our bums.
          Guess what,
          That latino, who doesn't speak much english.
          Is able to find a yob.
          Meanwhile, after a week in mexico your bum is begging to come back.
          Yet to you, I'm the person who is wrong.

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          • Don't try to change the subject. This has nothing to do with immigration. Illegal immigrants don't beg for money because they get it from welfare.

            Do you forget that Jesus healed beggars? They weren't just being lazy, they weren't able to work. You mentioned earlier that homeless people should try providing a service. What possible service could they offer? They have nothing. Some do offer services but barely make enough to feed themselves. People who want to work but can't for reasons outside of their control exist and they exist in America. Most homeless people want a job, but can't get one. If you're too willfully ignorant to see that, then I'm sorry, but that's your problem.

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            • How simple is $2 at dollar tree?
              Window cleaner and a micro soft towel.
              Now offer to clean windows.
              $.25 each
              You are making bank.
              If an 8 year old in honduras can support a family, by shining shoes.
              What excuss do you have.
              To sit and do NOTHING?

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  • Unfortunately there are those who pretend to be homeless in order to get free money or food. These people tend to have some sort of addiction affecting their judgement or (the less common) they're just scum. Some homeless are in the situation they're in due to lack of educational background leading to no one hiring, others had a rough past and aren't aware of how to seek out employment as well as ensure they're as properly dressed as possible. Others are runaways. Bad households or illegal immigrants

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    • I'll agree, but 1 thing.
      I don't see illegal immigrants bumming.
      They want to work.
      And are ready willing and able.
      I do not see them asking for handouts.
      I've seen a few.
      But they were actually citizens and used to this culture.

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      • As it goes with people of all nationality/background, not everyone is the same, meaning willing to work or put in the effort

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  • Dont give money to the poor. Better 90% of that money to be eaten by a foundation then 100% to be spent on drugs or alcohol by the homeless.

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  • I was enjoying the weather in a busy parking lot one day. Two guys, one in his twenties and the other in his forties, were walking by and I happened to over hear the older guy teaching the younger how to hustle free money in the city. "Stick with me and I'll show you everything you need to know" or something like that with his thick accent, I wonder if they heard me laugh

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    • I've seen it too.
      What's sad is.
      Some of them work harder to be a bum.
      Then most people do, to work a job.
      Yea, talkin to you.
      sign waver.
      Or any fit girl between 18 and 38

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  • I'm a bum because its my life and I will live it how I want and not how you want!

    To be fair though, I am more upper class bum.

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    • Fair enough.
      I respect your honesty.
      Just don't expect any hand outs.
      realize, you are making life worse for every homeless person that didn't choose your lifestyle.
      Because of people like you.
      People figure all bums are there by choice as well.
      That kinda sucks.

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      • I'm a bum! Not homeless, eshk. you never listen. They wouldn't hook up my internet or electricity in my cardboard box, assholes said it was unsafe, had to upgrade to a 3 story house. Dumb ass

        You should take your own advice and not expect any hand outs, give the government his welfare checks back then!

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        • Ok, so you have mental issues as well.
          Please go to capital hill and argue for abortion.
          Someone obviously missed having one.

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          • Ok, so you have a problem with children.
            Lucky you can't have any.
            you would make a horrible parent.

            you would always talk like this to them.
            do the.
            you little.
            i like it
            when you.
            do not
            be naughty.

            eshk its enough to drive any one mental :)

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    • Can you define upper class bum?

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      • Upper class bum?
        Some of them make bank.
        They live in hotels each night.
        spend 1/2 the year in Hawaii.
        Walk around with a minimum $35k
        They have no taxs.
        No overhead, No daily expences.
        It's just a part time acting job.
        Pretending to be disabled, have an animal, or kid just adds to the draw.
        Are all bums this way?
        But because some are, it kills any mercy for the actual people on hard times.

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      • Do better then almost all people with the limited funds I have. I live a rich mans life on a poor mans budget

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  • We don't see many people like this in small town Ontario, but they're abundant in the city. I'd be freer with my spare change if I knew for certain it was going toward food and not drugs or booze.

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    • Exactly, it really sucks when they ask for money for food.
      But if you offer them food, they get rude.

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    • Hay! Homeless need a cold beer to ya know, especially after a hard days work collecting cans and bottles.

      Ok that was a joke, Thing is I would give a homeless person a few beers and some can food

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      • Then you are part of the problem.
        Unless they offer a service.
        Why do you hand them money.
        That you had to WORK for?

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        • Because I can do whateva I want and I can respect someone for not being a slave to what the governments wants.

          And no your attitude is what the problem is! Most people eat too much and are fat fucks. How about not being a Gluttony whore and giving a hungry person some of that food that is blocking them arteries. You do realise this world is the homeless fucks, just as much as it is everyone else's.

          Anyway, what do you know about WORK? Lining up waiting to get ya government check is not work.

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          • Nice try.
            So you are into trolling now.
            I work long hours.
            I've never needed a hand out.
            My single mom raised me the right way.
            You can TRY and project your own failures onto others.
            All you are doing is proving your own lack of use in this world.
            You don't even have a name.
            Which is logical.
            You do not deserve one.
            Any more then the rest of the street corner bums I drive past.
            And yes.
            I am the bitch that honks my horn in the early hours.
            Whenever I see a tent.
            or cardboard house.
            Im looking forward to laws that make vagrancy a crime.

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            • You are a dam bitch, these guys just trying to get a beauty sleep and you be waking them up on your way to get
              more toilet bleach. So your momma brought you up on welfare all just so you can become a toilet cleaner. I guess the terri apple dont fall far from the apple tree

              And I do have a name, its -- ya racist biatchhhhh

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  • How does that make sence?
    If they are vets they are trained to overcome and survive.
    Show me ANY boot camp where the D.I. yells:
    "Alright you lilly livered weak knee'd fagot sonsabitchs.
    Here's the deal,
    say charlie kills your entire platoon, what the fuck do you do?
    I'll tell you.
    What you do, brainless terd.
    ' make a cardboard sign, try to look pitiful, then sit down.'
    Actual honorably discharged American Veterans.
    Was this your experience in basic?

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  • Plain and simple, they like not having responsibilities.

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    • You still have to eat, shower, have a good roof, dont clean clothes, a fast car, and not worried about tomarrow matter?

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      • But so many of them are pk with living in a shelter, eating whatever someone will give them, and we hope they will shower or wash up somewhere. I know people right now that are ok with getting food stamps, no job (before the virus), still no ambition to do anything but whatever drugs they can hustle up using food stamp card like money. I sure as hell hated being homeless. And i did something about it. I really think that many like the lack of responsibility, get up when they want and they dont have to worry about passing a piss test to work. They rather sit around bored and doing drugs instead.

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        • That's no kind of life.
          Can't we just take the bums to the border and swap them.
          For folks who want to work.
          I pity the most, the children or pets of bums.
          They didn't get an option.

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